we appreciate little things.

Pekan Frinjan

Selling this for RM40 for the whole set including postage, anyone? :)
Selling this bracelet at RM6
Onigiri bracelet for RM8, there are three of 'em.
Other items are sold out but I will have them restock! :)

Yesterday, I sold some of my Halloween collections at Pekan Frinjan, Shah Alam. I am now realize that people no longer using phone strap for phone accessories because there aren't much people who wants to buy phone straps. I think I am going to make more bracelet, ring, necklace and a set of miniature scene.

Thank you for people who bought my handmade and thank you so much to Fie as well because she helped me out a lot!~


Friday, October 28, 2011

8:34 PM

Anyone buying these for RM5?

If you're interested, Like us at this link and add us here :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

10:34 PM


Sorry for the low quality image. I bought these supplies this morning to make varieties of jewelries. So I'm going to start making bracelets, mini keychains, phone straps and not forgetting stick earrings. I figured that most girls love to wear stick earrings than having earring hoops type so no worries to all the girls out there. Once I've got new stuffs for sale, it'll be up on Products tab so don't forget to check out Animoshy~ blog from time to time. A bunch of thank you for supporters and friends, you guys rock! Ouh and once Animoshy~ has got its pace, I am going to start making giveaways for special followers. Yeay!

Friday, January 28, 2011

11:44 PM


Brand Name : Animoshy~
Location : Selangor, Malaysia.
Facebook : Animoshy~

Hello all, I'm Bella. I'm the official owner of Animoshy~ and all of my products are 100% made by me. Sorry for the lack of skills but I'll try my best to improve. You can either send me an email at or either you want to leave a message in the tagboard or Animoshy~'s Tumblr.

Q & A
Payment method? Hong Leong account number. 036-51-09783-0. SITI NABILAH BT NOOR AZMAN. Postage for Peninsular Malaysia : RM5 Sabah & Sarawak : RM8

Can you make custom designs?
Not at the moment, we only sell products we offered in blog / Tumblr / Facebook.

Does Animoshy~ has a booth somewhere?
No but we're planning to do so in the future.



If you'd like to order, send me an email with subject 'Animoshy~ order' to and send me these following info of yours :

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Items


Any character [ RM4 ]


  • earrings [ RM10 per pair ]

  • small sized pendants [ RM 5 each ]

  • medium sized pendants [ RM 8 each ]

  • ring [ RM5 ]